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As we are all learning how to adapt to the Pandemic and move to new routines, Vanguard Cleaning Systems has been here working through each issue as it arises. From quick closes and sending employees home, to determining how to social distance and work from home,? and understanding how? to bring employees back safely, Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota knew that it wasn’t
enough to wait for things to get better. We realize that this global pandemic would impact not only our customers but the community at large and we immediately began focusing on assisting those of you managing buildings and the changes you are incurring now and into the future.

Early in the Pandemic we started working on a spectrum of solutions centered on keeping your facility healthier now and into the future as we work to hep prevent another pandemic. Its our Enhanced Facility Protection Program. We realize your obligation to protect the occupants of your facility and make them feel safe.? Let Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota help you navigate these new facility solutions and determine a customize approach that keeps your facility open for business.???

What makes these solutions different?

Because of all we’ve learned about the Corona-virus, we now look at your facilities with fresh eyes and a new sense of safety for all against this fast spreading disease. Daily cleaning alone will no longer do. Disinfection treatments are now becoming? part of the overall safety plan for your facilities and its occupants. There is also a need for permanent engineering changes to the way your occupants interact with your facility, making it easier for them to reduce touch points.

After stepping back and looking at the broader picture as it unfolds, we designed our Enhance Facility Protection Program to provide a systematic approach to providing the safety measurement you need. Our eyes are focus on making sure your facility is better prepared in the event of another pandemic. Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota is ready to help you educate your occupants on such items as:

  • ?Determining areas of your facility that fall into high, medium, and low traffic and high touch zones with recommendations on frequency and type of disinfecting
  • How touch free are the spaces in your workplace? Have you thought about installing touch-less dispensers in all restrooms, replacing hand dryers with automatic paper towel dispensers, and changing to sensor operated toilets and faucets
  • Consider temperature and symptom checks in your entry/reception/lobby areas along with touch-free hand sanitizer dispensers and wall-off matting with social distancing. Oh, and remove the pens and candy dishes.
  • Self-disinfecting of common areas require the correct training, PPE and chemicals to ensure your employees are performing these tasks correctly. Have you trained them??

These are just a few of the areas that we can help you take a fresh look at your facility to begin implementing solutions that provide protection and make your facility a safe environment for all occupants.??

Building activation plans and guides to help


Reopening your facility isn’t as easy as unlocking the doors and turning the lights on. Covid now requires you to understand new rules and considerations as you welcome your occupants back to your facility.?

It can be overwhelming. That is why we have put together a Building activation plan? and which includes a check list of items to consider before bringing employees, guests, and customers back to your building. It will guide us through a discussion with you to identify the best way to protect your people and your facility. We have also